Changes in today’s prerequisites involves both risks and possibilities to our collective ability to perform. A present and consious leader, leading based upon individual's prerequisites can and will effect team spirit and performance better than ever. Leadership which is unconsidered can easily drain co-worker's engagement and the will to perform and excel.

In a setting with social distancing there is a need for competence in leading remotely and digitally. This crash course gives you as a leader tools with which you can enable the power and focus for the peek performance that is needed right now.


  • Finding work-life balance by self management
  • Treat co-workers different – understand and adapt to their specific needs of leadership
  • Enable engagement and drive when working remote
  • Pin focus on prioritized tasks and results
  • Create space for deep fokus work and avoid distractions @ home
  • Use of digital tools for leverage in day-to-day work


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