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Do you want to give yourself and your colleagues more work days that are really good? Days when you: 
   - Get the right things done  
   - Create space for focus, learning and problem solving  
   - Create engagement, trust and support through smart collaboration 
   - Have energy left when you have finished work  

If you want to strengthen your self leadership with better overview, less stress and more flow in your work, then iWorkflow is the perfect training for you. It will also enhance your capabilities for collaboration in a modern, hybrid work environment. 
"Proud and happy people doing real work!" - iManagement

iWorkflow is the brain smart methodology for sustainable, efficient knowledge work. Based in scientific research, tried and tested, and proven to work in real life for more than 10 years. It will provide you and your colleagues with a lever to increase engagement, learning, creativity and productivity, supported by digital tools. And the bonus is that you will have time and energy left at the the end of your working day. 


Mental overload

In a world where an avalanche of information is the norm, there is a very real risk of overload and hyper activity. The pace of collaborations is increasing, there is a rapid change of focus, and we are constantly making decisions. More freedom, more people demanding things from us and greater complexity is putting more pressure on our brains. We need a way of working that help us set clear boundaries and change focus on a conscious level, in order to avoid mental overload.  

Reactive way of working 

Your carefully planned schedule is easily deterred by events that appear when you collaborate with others. You get trapped in a negative spiral of too many meetings, e-mails, and chat conversations. As a result you’re constantly interrupted, with little time to focus and an ever growing to-do list. Working reactively lowers our creativity and our inner motivation. This causes our collaborations to lose commitment, decreasing trust in the group in the long run. 

Lack of human relations 

Switching between digital communication and physical meetings in a hybrid work space increases the risk of weakening social connections and impaired relations. A feeling of loneliness can lead to lower performance for the individual, reduced sense of belonging and weaker teams. In a world where tasks become more complex, innovation and problem solving is required, you need a way of working that promotes collaboration, also in a hybrid work environment.   


The iWorkflow methodology is based on six skills that every knowledge worker need to command in order to feel good and perform well, both individually and as a group: 

With specific ”brain friendly” techniques and smart use of digital tools you’ll optimize use of your mental power and energy.  

Handling information
A conscious strategy and methodology helps you handle large flows of information while maintaining overview. As a team you’ll learn to collaborate efficiently with information, creating a better rhythm when working together. 

Learn how to let go of the thought loops that chips away at you limited cognitive capital. Get control, overview and the ability to act consciously without negative stress through a well thought out structure. Teams that create order in their digital tools avoid waisting time and energy on looking for information or sort out unnecessary misunderstanding.   

Get the keys to making clear decisions about what’s most important, and to keep them in sight during your everyday work. You’ll get the tools to continously specify what provides value, set boundaries to avoid reactive behavior and spending time on unnecessary things.   

Give your future self the opportunity to act on the right tasks, with a lot less time to get off the ground. With positive routines for short and long term planning and follow up, individually and together, you can create a workflow with a rhythm that suits the brain. You’ll experience clarity, progress and better flow.  

With techniques designed to help you get through to the recipient for real, you’ll learn to communicate efficiently. Good communication leads to stronger relationships, and positive results, without waisting time and energy. It’s all about consciously picking the right channel for different types of communication and understand the terms of the recipient. 


The aim of iWorkflow is to create a modern way of working for knowledge workers, based on the prerequisites of our brains. 

After the training, the participants will have the knowledge and capability to:

- Optimize focus, mental power and energy, for better results and improves brain health
- Work in a transparent and clear way, for increased learning and trust of colleagues
- Create clear digital structures for collaboration, overview and engagement
- Clarify and visualize priorities, delegation of tasks, implementation and follow up, which leads to acknowledgement of efforts as well as commitment.
- Understand the need for common guidelines, adapted to individuals, team and organization, that creates a balance between autonomy and clarity for the team.


iWorkflow is a training program with a duration of 6 weeks. You will have four trainer-led digital sessions of three hours each. In between every session you will have time for reflection and learning on your own.

Content of the four sessions are as follows:

Part 1: Optimize your focus through:
- Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your brain, as a knowledge worker
- Minimize distractions and interruptions
- Use the physical and digital workspace efficiently
- Create mental space for reflection and creativity
- Manage information efficiently

Part 2: Use your digital tools to optimize your brain at work
- Create a watertight structure
- Prioritize and get started on your most important tasks while setting boundaries - every day
- Plan and create balance for yourself between own work and collaboration
- Routines for each day and week that will optimize your productivity and work/life balance

Part 3: Co-create in a complex work environment
- Communicate consciously and with impact
- Structures for efficient collaboration
- Co-creation of information

Part 4: Increase your capacity to implement and to engage in collaborations
- Clear goals and priorities
- Visualization with digital kanban boards
- Acknowledge effort and results
- Solve bottlenecks and stop leakage
- Agreements that will optimize your collaboration

You can find the start date, with part 1, on the right hand side - under "Tillfällen".
The dates for all sessions are as follows:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
31/8 - 1330-1630 9/9 - 0900-1200 22/9 - 1330-1630 12/10 - 1330-1630





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